Patients Reviews

Doc took his time to listen to my issues and set me up on an appointment with another specialist to figure out a plan to wellness. Most docs don't do so.

Ojonoka I. | Mar 31, 2023

DO Concepcion is very detail oriented and addresses my concerns thoughtfully each time I visit with him. I had 3 episiotomy procedures while giving birth to my 3 children that left me with scar tissue and weakness. I am pleased with his recommendation to strengthen my pelvic floor which has helped with bladder leakage and general feeling of strength I have not had for many years.

Folena S. | Mar 20, 2023

These treatments have improved my life substantially. I can go to church,out to eat and sleep up to 9 hours a night after a treatment. I was very skeptical when I first started treatment but was very sad about my condition. Ian now a great fan and have terrible feelings about going back without treatments. My doctor is very knowledgeable about the condition and has helped me emotionally and physically more than I can describe.

Darlene G. | Mar 09, 2023

The staff was so friendly and welcoming, I knew I was in good hands the second I walked in. They are so warm and knowledgeble. The thing I really want to rave about is the Alastin skincare line. I had NO idea it was gonna work so well and so quickly. I have very dry skin and I'm also acne prone (tough break for a 38 year old.) This line moisturizes my skin and makes it feel so young and nourished without my face breaking out. My acne has improved since using it. It truly is a wonder. I will never use anything else. This week I got compliments on a zoom call from a bunch of old men that complimented me on how my skin was glowing. I'm never wearing makeup again!!!

Kathleen R. | Mar 03, 2023