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Your urinary leakage might seem unavoidable and considered an aging issue, but Emsella® gives you a pain-free and noninvasive way to improve your bladder control. Marc Concepcion, DO, and the team at RBMA Wellness Center in West Sacramento, California, provide women’s intimate wellness treatments using Emsella to strengthen your pelvic floor. Call RBMA Wellness Center for a consultation or book online anytime.

Emsella Q&A

What is Emsella?

Emsella is an energy-based treatment for women’s intimate health and wellness. Your sexual function may decline or at least change over the course of your life, especially due to factors like pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. When this happens, new and unfamiliar symptoms can arise and affect your personal well-being and relationships. 

Emsella uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions in your pelvis. Just one Emsella session can stimulate thousands of these contractions, strengthening targeted muscles to help restore your muscle control. 

When the muscles in your pelvis are strong, they adequately support the organs in the region. Therefore, having stronger muscles means you have more control over some of these organs and their functions.  

What does Emsella treat?

One of the primary symptoms Emsella treats is urinary incontinence, which means you have trouble holding in your urine and urinating only when you intend to. There are three different types:

Stress incontinence

Stress incontinence causes leakage when pressure is placed on your bladder. For example, you may accidentally leak when you sneeze, cough, exercise, or even laugh. 

Urge incontinence

If you frequently experience a sudden, strong urge to urinate, you likely have urge incontinence. 

Mixed incontinence

This third type is a combination of stress incontinence and urge incontinence. 

Additional benefits you might get from Emsella treatments include using fewer pads and experiencing increased sexual satisfaction.  

What should I expect during Emsella treatments?

The team at RBMA Wellness Center tailors your treatment plan to include several Emsella sessions. Typically, twice-a-week sessions for three weeks is the standard recommendation.

You can expect each Emsella treatment to last for around 30 minutes. While the procedure isn’t painful, you may feel tingling and distinct pelvic floor muscle contractions. Once the treatment is complete, you can continue the rest of your day normally. 

Results from Emsella improve over the course of several weeks after each session. You may feel a difference as early as the first treatment, with continued improvements as you complete each additional session.  

To find out more about Emsella for women’s intimate health, call RBMA Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online anytime.