How Fat Is Removed From the Body Using Radiofrequency

Mar 16, 2023
How Fat Is Removed From the Body Using Radiofrequency
Did you know you can add a final touch-up to your weight loss results using noninvasive radiofrequency procedures? Find out how radiofrequency stimulates natural fat removal from your body to contour your physique.

Medical weight loss can be a life-altering process that prompts you to change your habits to lose weight and stay at your goal weight. However, sometimes even the most effective weight loss plans can’t rid you of a few final stubborn pockets in areas where your body tends to hold onto fat, such as your hips, thighs, or belly. 

This remaining fat can prevent you from fully appreciating the results of your hard work. Even if you haven’t taken part in a personalized medical weight loss plan, you might have fat in certain areas that makes you feel self-conscious or affects how you feel about your body’s shape. 

As a final touch after medical weight loss or just to refine your natural curvature, RBMA Wellness Center offers a radiofrequency-based body contouring procedure called EmSculpt Neo®. Entirely noninvasive, EmSculpt Neo eliminates stubborn fat while also helping to improve your muscle tone. 

At our West Sacramento, California office, board-certified family physician Marc Concepcion, DO, can sculpt your body according to your specifications using EmSculplt’s dual-action treatment. Before you undergo the procedure, you might want to learn exactly how radiofrequency removes body fat and whether it’s safe. 

Melting unwanted fat cells

Radiofrequency is a gentle form of energy that doesn’t expose you to radiation like X-rays and other types of energy used for medical purposes. Treatments that use radiofrequency to eliminate fat are collectively called radiofrequency lipolysis, and EmSculpt Neo fits into this category. 

Without the applicator touching your skin, radiofrequency passes through your skin to heat and melt the underlying fat cells. There are minimal risks with melting fat in this way, and you don’t need any anesthesia before the treatment. 

Where your body steps in 

After EmSculpt Neo heats and melts your fat cells, you won’t enjoy the results of up to 30% fat removal immediately. That is because the process isn’t over yet. In the weeks following your EmSculpt Neo treatment, your lymphatic system flushes the damaged fat cells out of your body as waste products. As this happens, you can see your results gradually appear. 

Dr. Concepcion might recommend multiple EmScuplt sessions based on your goals and the amount of fat you want to remove. 

Build muscle in the process

Radiofrequency lipolysis isn’t the sole mechanism of EmSculpt Neo treatments. EmSculpt Neo also uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, or HIFEM®, to stimulate strong muscle contractions. With less fat and more muscle, you can highlight your natural muscle tone and enjoy well-defined:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks

Keep in mind that EmSculpt Neo works best for people who are already at or close to their ideal weight, as it isn’t a weight loss treatment. However, Dr. Concepcion is happy to provide nutrition and lifestyle advice so you can enjoy your results long-term. 

Find out if you’re a candidate for EmSculpt Neo today

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