Build Muscle and Reduce Fat with EmSculpt NEO

May 22, 2023
Build Muscle and Reduce Fat with EmSculpt NEO
Want to feel more confident in your bathing suit this summer? Consider EmSculpt NEO to eliminate fat while highlighting your muscle definition. Read on to learn more.

EmSculpt NEO® is a remarkable body sculpting procedure that stands out from the rest. It has dual abilities: It melts targeted body fat while stimulating muscle contractions equivalent to an intense workout, all without requiring you to dedicate hours to the gym. 

Board-certified family physician Marc Concepcion, DO, offers personalized EmSculpt NEO treatments to people in Sacramento and West Sacramento, California, at RBMA Wellness Center. Your results look flattering on your frame as they’re 100% natural, and no surgery is needed. You won’t need implants, liposuction, or plastic surgery to align your body with your ideal self-perception. 

Just like any aesthetic procedure, EmSculpt NEO has some limitations. It’ll never change your bone structure, and it can’t help you lose a significant amount of body fat. Still, its impressive abilities are undeniable.

Melting your fat with powerful energy

Radiofrequency is a gentle form of light energy, which you can find powering the Wi-Fi signal in your home or the microwave in your kitchen. When applied to body fat, radiofrequency produces heat. 

The radiofrequency from EmSculpt NEO heats your targeted fat cells and damages them so they no longer hold their shape and volume. Over time, your lymphatic system flushes the damaged cells out as waste products. 

Many satisfied EmSculpt NEO patients choose to target areas of fat that resist diet and exercise. While you can’t change your body’s natural proportions, you can use EmSculpt NEO to reduce fat on your:

  • Chin and jaw
  • Belly
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Arms

It also helps your increased muscle definition shine after several EmSculpt NEO sessions. A complete and customized EmSculpt NEO treatment plan can result in a 30% reduction in targeted body fat. 

Develop muscle tone - no gym membership necessary

The second mechanism in EmSculpt NEO’s dual-energy platform is called high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®). This energy doesn’t burn fat or tighten your skin by producing heat. Instead, it travels through your muscles to stimulate strong contractions. 

During just one 30-minute EmSculpt NEO treatment, the HIFEM technology stimulates hundreds of repeated muscle contractions of a targeted muscle group. Just like if you were to go to the gym and lift weights using that same muscle group dozens of times, the muscle fibers increase in size and strength. 

Soon, you’ll notice more muscle definition. In fact, a complete EmSculpt NEO treatment plan can result in a 25% increase in muscle mass for your arms, legs, abdomen, and other targeted areas.  

Aesthetics your way

At RBMA Wellness Center, Dr. Concepcion works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan complete with multiple EmSculpt NEO sessions targeting the areas you want. Call our office to schedule a consultation, or use our convenient online booking tool today.